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Embark on a journey of physical, spiritual and emotional cleansing bringing wellness and purity into your life...

leafPure Cleanse Wellness Clinic is the only Colon Hydrotherapy clinic of its kind in St Albans. Pure Cleanse is based at the Eve & Adam Day Spa in Central St. Albans covering Hertfordshire. The clinic offers a sense of holistic wellness usually only experienced in larger out of city health spas. The clinic is located in central St. Albans at 12 Catherine Street, with parking available just across the road in Drovers Way, the day spa is conveniently situated for both pedestrian clients and those who drive into town or travel in to St Albans via public transport. Pure Cleanse cater for all individual needs and requirements, from one off treatments to complete detox packages. Your therapist at the initial consultation will discuss all your requirements with you and will review your confidential medical questionnaire. This will ensure you receive the best results from your time spent with us.

Pure Cleanse is under the direction of Reena, who is an accomplished I-ACT trained at Advanced Level and qualified Colon Hydrotherapist. She has completed extensive training with Galina Imrie, MA Ed Principal, the Chi Centre CAM Registered College and author of 'Always Look After Number Two'. Reena has also completed a Advanced Nutrition Programme Course which has been developed by Patrick Holford.

Reena initially looked to Colon Hydrotherapy as a solution to her IBS, irregular bowel movements and skin problems. Having spent 10 days on a detox retreat during the 1990's, Reena discovered that regular Colon Hydrotherapy was allowing her colon to function as it should and finally got rid of her laxative dependency.

As a result of the regular Colon Hydrotherapy treatments Reena lost weight and found that she was no longer constipated, was able to eliminate more effectively, had more energy and felt her skin and hair had improved considerably.

These experiences encouraged Reena to look further into complementary therapies and ultimately add Colon Hydrotherapy to her already wide complementary health skill set whilst still working in Central London in the Banking Industry. To Reena, complementary therapy does not mean replacing more orthodox treatments. She believes in working with conventional medicine to achieve the best results for her clients. Reena’s ultimate goal is to help educate those that come to her clinic about the wonderful benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy and the importance of a healthy Colon as a key to maintaining optimum health.